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Fisheries Ministry assists for House Renovation

Miss. Athiriyanpillai Yogendran, a war victim and rehabilitated ex-combatant of Panakottu Grama Niladhari  Division in the Mannar Divisional Secretary Division received 15 packets of cement for her house renovations.

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Awarding of bicycles to needy persons

The Provincial Minister of Rural Development, B.Deniswaran who is bent on helping the people who deserve such assistance had awarded push bicycles to the needy people under criteria based grant (CBG).

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Fisheries Minister sets free 450 000 fingerlings in the Maruthankerni Mamunai lagoon

It is well known that already large amounts of fingerlings have been supplied to various fresh water development projects in order to uplift the living standards of the fresh water fishing community. The release of fingerlings in the Mamunai lagoon which falls within the Maruthankerni Divisional Secretariat Division in Vadamaradchi took place on 16th November, 2016.

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Plan to Assist National Level Kabadi Champions

With a view to be an incentive for the encouragement of sports activities in the Mannar District B.Deniswaran, Ministry of Rural Development in due recognition of their achievement in the national level Kabadi competition presented the financial assistance by cheque out of earlier based grant for 2016 to the Mannar Kaddaiadampen Govt Tamil School as earlier promised by him for the procurement of Kabadi uniforms.

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