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A Brief History of Northern Provincial Council

Provincial Councils were set up in Sri Lanka for the first time in terms of 13th Amendment to the Constitution and the Provincial Councils Act. No. 42 of 1987. 

Elections were held to all the eight Provincial Councils for the first time in 1988. The elected North East Provincial Council (NEPC) was constituted on 5th December 1988. It had only a brief existence as it was dissolved in June 1990. As election to the North East Provincial Council has not been held thereafter it continued to be administered under the direction of the Hon. Governor of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. 

After a period of about twenty years, in view of the judgment of the Supreme Court of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 16th

October 2006, the North East Provincial administration has been de-merged into two viz: Northern Provincial administration and Eastern Provincial administration. 

His Excellency the President has appointed Rear Admiral Mohan Wijewickrama USP, NDC, PSC as the Acting Governor for the Northern Province with effect from 22.12.2006. The Chief Secretary, Ministries and Departments for NPC started functioning from 01.01.2007.

At present there are five Ministries headed by Secretaries. The Secretaries were appointed by the Hon. Governor. The five Ministries are as follows :-

  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Development, Lands, Irrigation & Fisheries
  2. Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs & Sports
  3. Ministry of Health & Indigenous Medicine
  4. Ministry of Infrastructure Development & Reconstruction
  5. Ministry of Local Government, Relief & Rehabilitation, Co-operative, Rural, Industries, Social services and Probation & Childcare

The 16 Departments shown below are for different sectors that come under the purview of these five Ministries:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Animal Production and Health
  • Department of Land Administration
  • Department of Irrigation
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Sports
  • Department of Health Services
  • Department of Indigenous Medicine
  • Department of Local Government
  • Department of Cooperative Development
  • Department of Industries
  • Department of Rural Development
  • Department of Road Development
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Buildings 
  • Department of Probation & Childcare

The institutions viz: Provincial Treasury, Planning Secretariat, Provincial Administration, Provincial Audit, Legal Unit and Department of Motor  Traffic, Management Development and Training Institution, Center for Information Resource Management are under the purview of Chief Secretary’s Secretariat.

The following institutions are under the purview of Governor's Secretariat :  
Provincial Public Service Commission, Co-operative Employees Commission and Regional Commissioner’s Offices.

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