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Discussion on Control of Dengue in Jaffna

A meeting with Governor of Northern Province Reginald Cooray was held at the Governor’s Secretariat in Jaffna on 28th December 2018, to discuss the actions taken to ensure the immediate control of the dengue disease which has recently increased in the province.


According to the Director of the Department of Health Services, this year, 1344 patients with dengue infections received treatments in the Jaffna Teaching Hospital among them 422 dengue patients have been identified till 24th December 2018. A special operation for dengue disease prevention has been implemented since the last 27th. There are 30 places in Jaffna Bazaar Road, where the dengue epidemic has been identified and informed to the owners and the legal action has been taken against 10 persons in the area. Similarly, 45 places were identified in the Navanthurai area, they were advised and seven were taken into legal action.

Governor said that he was prepared to implement all the requests for controlling dengue and the entire team should work for full time. The Governor also said that further discussions on further needs will be carried out to prevent the spread of the dengue epidemic.

Secretary to the Governor L.Ilaangovan, Secretary of Health Ministry S.Thiruvakaran, Commissioner of Local Government M.Patrick Diranjan, Director of Health Services A.Ketheeswaran, Commissioner of Jaffna Municipal Council Jayaseelan, and the representatives of dengue controlling team were also present at this discussion.


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