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Disciplinary action against transferred teachers who don’t assume duty – Governor Orders

Governor Reginald Cooray ordered the Secretary of the Education Ministry to take serious action against teachers who have been transferred to the difficult area schools and did not assume duties yet.


A discussion was held between the principals of Thunukkai and Kilinochchi Education Zones under the chairmanship of Governor Reginald Cooray on 27th November 2018. According to the complaint made by the Principals in this meeting, Governor instructed the Education Secretary S.Sathiyaseelan and Director of Education S.Uthayakumar to take severe action against the transferees.

Zonal Director of Thunukkai Zone P.Ravichandran said to Governor that there are 8202 students in this zone and it needs 270 teachers. There are no permanent principals in 31 schools in this zone.  Last year 36 teachers were transferred to Thunukkai Zone by Education Ministry but only 06 of them assumed duties. The rest of them did not assume duties yet. Governor instructed the Education Secretary to submit the detail reports of the transferred teachers and their reasons for not assuming duties and what actions have been taken over them by the Ministry.

The meeting with the principals of Kilinochchi zone was held at Kilinochchi Maha Vidyalayam. The ZDE of Kilinochchi T.John Quintas chaired at the meeting.

Governor has issued a strict mandate to the officials not to release teachers who are to be transferred from difficult area schools until the new teachers take charge of their duty.

The students’ learning activities are affected by the delay in teachers going to difficult area schools from congenial zones like Jaffna Zone, even though the teachers are getting immediate transfer from the difficult schools. Considering this issue, Governor instructed the school principals not to release a teacher until the new teacher arrives in. He also asked them to make an appeal to him if the superiors or politicians apply pressure.

Governor also emphasized that the teachers who ask for leaves must be submitted the concern letters of the acting teachers.  Also, he said that action should be taken to limit the number of days for leaves out of island.

Governor also said that he felt sad, in the critical situation of teachers’ shortage in the province, within the past six months, over 450 teachers have received approval from me for foreign visits and other purposes. This really affects the education activities of the students. He also requested everyone to cooperate for the development of education of the Northern Province.

He also instructed to submit the list including details of qualifications and service for the principals who are doing acting duties for whom to prepare plans that can make them advantages.

Secretary to the Governor L.Ilaangovan, Asstistant Secretary JX Selvanayagam, Secretary of Education Ministry S.Sathiyaseelan and Provincial Director of Education S.Uthayakumar also attended these meetings.



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