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Overall Management of the Northern Province.

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Governor to discuss the Current Situation of the Jaffna District with the Various Parties

The special meetings were held under the chairmanship of Governor, Reginald Cooray, to discuss the increase in violence in the Jaffna peninsula and the steps taken to protect drug and cultural degradation in the future.

Discussions were held at the Governor's Secretariat in Jaffna on 03rd September 2018 from morn to dusk.

Representatives of civil societies, Jaffna University Vice-Chancellor and former Vice-Chancellors, Professors and Excise Department officials, religious leaders and intellectuals were present in the meeting. Governor inquired about the reasons for the increase in violence and drug abuse in the peninsula from them.

Around 1 O’clock, Secretary of Education Ministry, Provincial Director of Education, school principals met Governor. The Governor discussed in detail about the reasons for students involving in violence and the steps to control the drug habits amongst the students and the actions to eradicate it from the society.

The Governor's Secretariat said there will be meeting on 04th September 2018 with the officials for Security Forces. Therefore, this discussion helped to gather information to discuss at the next meeting.

Secretary to the Governor L.Ilaangovan, Coordinating Secretary Sundaram Divagalala, Assistant Secretary JX Selvanayagam and other relevant officials also attended these meetings.




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