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Micro Finance through Ministry of Women’s Affairs with the support of ILO

With the aim of developing cooperative sector at Puthukkudiyiruppu Divisional Secretariat area in Mullaitivu District heavily affected by war in last years, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs introduced a loan scheme with less interest rate with the collaboration of ILO.

Women headed families, disabled people and ex. combatants who were affected by the war are included in this project. 1250 families will be benefited from this project.

The ILO has donated 300 million rupees to the ministry for the target of developing the village level development activities and re-establish the cooperative sector in the village level.

The inauguration ceremony of the project was held with the chairmanship of Minister of Women Affairs and Cooperative Ananthy Sasitharan at Puthukkudiyiruppu Kaively School.

Minister stated in her speech, the micro finance companies charged a huge amount of interest for their loan.  Due to that, a lot of young women cheated and attempt to suicide. So, in order to protect the people from this loan structure, this scheme is introduced. In future a cooperative bank will be formed to implement the loan scheme in a proper way.

The Commissioner, Department of Cooperative Development, staff from ILO, President - Women Self-employment Society, Cooperative Department staff and public participated in this event.