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Overall Management of the Northern Province.

News and Events

NVQ Certificate Awarding Ceremony

Sri Lanka Vocational Training Authority organized the certificate awarding ceremony for the students who completed their courses at Vocation Training Centre on 26th June 2017 at Jaffna Veerasingam hall.


Governor of Northern Province Reginald Cooray graced the event as the Chief Guest. Secretary to the Governor L.Ilaangovan also participated in this event.

In his address, Governor said that we should learn what the obstacles for the development and peace of this beautiful small country are. There is no necessity to have people in large number with sorrow and sadness in our mother country. We can’t find a nation in the world like our country that has flowing beautiful rivers, clear climate, good environment, very long history and civilized society. When we searched the reason for the conflict, the answer is in our mind. There is a great problem in our education system which focuses on Science, Art and Commerce. These are not enough to develop our country. We should increase the technology based knowledge in our schools to gain more from the nature. Carpenters, smiths, masons should use latest technologies to simplify their tasks.

We have to be united without paying attention on race, creed and language.  Tamil people or Sinhala people, their culture were inherited from India. He also pointed out that many Buddhist theros have donated their blood at Jaffna Teaching Hospital. This is a good example for reconciliation.






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