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Hon. Thambyrajah  Gurukularajah
Minister of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs

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Secretary Education

Secretary of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs

Education Ministry Office,
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Commencement of Work at Ministry of Education

The official ceremony of the Commencement of Work Year 2017 was held at 9.00 am at the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports & Youth Affairs of the Northern Province under the auspices of the Secretary of Ministry of Education. All the staff of the Ministry and Zonal Education Office, Jaffna participated in this ceremony.

Secretary has Hoisted the National Flag in the presence of the all the staff. Staff from Jaffna Zonal Education Office were singing the National Anthem after hoisting the National Flag.
After Observing two minutes silence to commemorate the war heroes and others who sacrificed their lives on behalf of the motherland, Administrative Officer of the Ministry of Education has read aloud the Oath of Public Servants.
Finally the Secretary Delivered a brief speech on the necessity of ensuring the prompt, honest and unwavering contribution of all members of the staff, in the effort of creating a better tomorrow with a new economic and social order for the benefit of all Sri Lankans, as the concluding event of the programme.