Director of Health Services


Director of Health Services

Dept. of Health Services.
Health Village, Pannai, Jaffna

T.P : 021 222 0811
Mobile : 0776043848
Fax: 0212220818

Department of Health Services

Achieving attainable health status by providing curative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative healthcare services of high quality responding to peoples’ need fairly and equitably to contribute towards national health targets.



  • To establish and develop Health Surveillance and Information System at Provincial and district level.

  • To ensure and organize curative health services of standard quality.

  • To ensure the availability of comprehensive health services in each districts of Northern Province.

  • To rehabilitate and reconstruct health facilities on priority basis.

  • Improve the nutritional status of the vulnerable groups.

  • To ensure the sustainability of projects and programmes.

  • To promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injuries and disabilities.

  • To ensure the better financial management for the benefit of the health sector of province.

  • To improve the capacity and proper deployment of competent Health care workforce.

  • To coordinate and facilitate all stakeholders in the Health sector to achieve the national and provincial goals for health.
  • Improve the clinical training facilities and ensure the regular staff training.

  • Ensure the quality services rendered by implementing quality assurance.

  • Co-ordinate with health policy matters at the provincial level and provide technical assistance in making decisions.

  • Link between Provincial Ministries, Provincial Authorities and Line Ministries.

  • Regulate private health sector facilities within the province and coordinate with Central Ministry.