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Secretary of Health, Indigenous Medicine and  Probation and Childcare Services.

Health Ministry Office,
1st Floor, Health Village, Pannai, Jaffna.  


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Northern Province Autism Policy 2017-2022 (Draft)



Ensures  Healthy  Society  with Physically  and Mentally  fitness , Applying  National and International  medical methods  to  ensures   and protect Women’s  Rights  and  Children  through  Rehabilitation  Activities  as well as   our  Province  Contribute  towards the National  Developments in the Country.

News and Events

Provincial level Seminar on Vulnerable and Affected Women Needs Analysis and Documentation

Provincial Ministry of Health and Women Affairs arranged the provincial level seminar on 29th February 2016 at the Health Ministry Conference Hall, Jaffna after the conclusion of all district level seminars to prepare the needs analysis and documentary of the vulnerable and affected women needs in all five districts of Northern Province. Provincial Health Minister Dr. P. Sathiyalingam chaired the seminar.

Asst. Secretary - Health, Deputy Director – Provincial Health Services, Commissioner – Indigenous Medicine, Director – Social Services, Commissioner – Probation & Child care, representatives from women societies, Women Development Officers, Social Service Officers, Rural Development Officers and representatives from NGOs also participated in this event.

During this seminar, various discussions were held on development, security and livelihood of the women in the Northern Province and important decisions were taken.