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National Week for Sports and Physical Fitness Promotion and Special Day- 25th -30th January 2016

As per the proposal made by the Ministry of Sports in line with the Circular No.SP/SB/09/15 issued by the Presidential Secretariat, Government has declared 25th to 30th January 2016 as the “National Week for Sports and Physical Fitness Promotion” and 30th day for Sports and Physical Fitness Promotion. Accordingly, 25th January has declared as “State and Public Service-Sports and Physical Fitness Day”.

The first day event has been arranged for Staff of the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports & Youth Affairs of the Northern Province and Zonal Education Office, Jaffna at Playground of the J/Nallur Station CCTMS on 25th of January at 8.30am. 

Olympian Dr. Ethirveerasingam has chaired this event and Mr. N.Theivendirarajah, Zonal Director of Education-Jaffna, Mr. A. Kritharan-Accountant and Mr. S.Thayalan, Assistant Director of Education-Sports has also participated in this event.
National flag and provincial flag have been hosted by the Zonal Director of Education-Jaffna and Mr.A.Kritharan-Accountant-Ministry of Education respectively.
Firstly a brief speech has been delivered by the Zonal Director and Dr.Ethirveerasingam on the importance of the Physical and Mental Fitness and then the physical exercises for the staff has been started with the guidance of Dr.Ethirveerasingam and Mr.S.Thayalan.