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09. Puraneguma

Puraneguma - Inter Divisional, Rural and Small Township Development Initiative for the North and East Provinces

Project Goal/Objective

To improve the delivery of local infrastructure services by local authorities in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka in an accountable and responsive manner



Infrastructure Service Delivery, Institutionalizing Accountabilities, Building Capacities, Assessment and Evaluation


Loan Agreement No.



Executive Agency

Ministry of Economic Development


Implementing Agencies

Department of Local Government, Northern Province


Funding Agencies

WB - World Bank

GOSL - Government of Sri Lanka


Project Cost

US $ - 37.34 Mn.

Project cost in SL Rs 4,102.37 Mn. (for Nothern Province)


Project Component      

Component A    : Rural Services Delivery Infrastructure Network

  • Rehabilitation of economic and social infrastructure facilities
  • Incentive fund for better performing Predeshiya  Sabhas
  • Polite programme studies in order to scale up          horizontally

Component B    : Strengthen Local Government Institutions

  • Machinery and equipment        
  • Local Government Strengthening  
  • Partner Organizational Support


Component C    : Project Management and Oversight

  • -National Agencies Management
  • -Provincial Agencies Management
  • -Technical/ Financial/ Social Audit

Project Area

Jaffna District                     

Kilinochchi District               

Mannar District                   

Mullaitivu District

Vavuniya District

Project Period

3years (15th of July 2010 to 31st of December 2013)

(Extension- 1st of January 2014 to 31st of December 2014)


Expected Out put

  • Tarring of 865 km roads
  • Concreting 135 km roads
  • 405 No of Markets, Parks, Small Township
  • 245 km Sewerage/ Drainage
  • 439 Nos. of water supply scheme and common /dug wells
  • 187 km rural electrification
  • 66 Nos. of waste disposal systems