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08. JKWWSSP - (Iranamadu Component)

Jaffna and Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project

(Iranamadu Component)


Project Goals / Objective

a) Strengthening head works of Iranamadu scheme to ensure safety of this reservoir

(b) Storing more water and releasing a part of it for Jaffna drinking water supply



Strengthen and augment the Iranamadu kulam to increase its water holding capacity, part of which could be used for Jaffna drinking water supply without affecting the benefits of the rightful farmers under Iranamadu Irrigation Scheme.


Loan Agreement No.

2711 – SRI (SF)

Funding Agencies

ADB - Asian Development Bank

GOSL –Government of Sri Lanka


Executing Agency

Ministry of Public Administration, Provincial Council, Local Government and Domestic Governance


Implementing Agency

Department of Irrigation, Northern Province


Project Cost

US $ - 17.08 Mn. (ADB - US $ 13.49 Mn. and GOSL - US $ 3.59 Mn.)

Project cost in SL Rs 3,530.80 Mn.


Project Component

Component A          : Infrastructure development

  • Iranamadu head works - aims at improving reservoir bund, spill, sluice and other related structures
  • Repairs to lift irrigation system - aims at improving thiruvaiaru lift irrigation scheme for 447 ha of other field crop cultivation.

Component B           : Consultation

Component C           : Project implementation


Project Area

Kilinochchi District

Project Period       

6 years (6th of May 2011 to 14th of August 2017)

Expected Out put

  • Improved Iranamadu head works – (aims at improving reservoir bund, spill and sluice).
  • Improved lift irrigation system – (aims at improving Thiruvaiaru lift irrigation scheme for 447 ha of other field crop cultivation).