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Jaffna and Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Project Goals / Objective

To deliver safe water to approximately 300,000 people and sanitation facilities to 80,000 people.


Improved health and human development in urban and predeshya saba areas of Jaffna and Kilinochchi Districts. The project will contribute rehabilitating, reconstructing and developing areas affected by conflict.


Loan Agreement No.

L 2710– SRI – OCR, L 2711 – SRI (SF)-ADF

AFD Credit Facilities Agrement No: CLK 1003 -01 - J


Funding Agencies

ADB - Asian Development Bank

AFDD- Agency Francaise De Development

GOSL –Government of Sri Lanka


Executing Agency

Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Drainage


Implementing Agency

National Water Supply and Drainage Board


Project Cost

US $ - 164.04 Mn. (ADB US $ 90.00 Mn., AFD US $ 48.00 Mn., GoSL US $ 26.04 Mn.)

Project cost in Rs 18,328 Mn.


Project Components

  • Developing water supply and sanitation infrastructures
  • Strengthening jaffna peninsula water resource management
  • Building capacity of the NWSDB to carry out project implementation and build regional office in Jaffna


Project Area

Jafna District

Kilinochchi District


Project Period       

6 years (6th of May 2011 to 14th of August 2017)


Expected Out put

  1. Water supply ( Beneficiaries 300,000)
  • Construction of intake at iranaimadu
  • Construction of treatment plant at palai ( 35,000m3/day)
  • Supply and laying of treated transmission mains (44km)
  • Supply and laying of distribution mains (650km)
  • Construction of 18 nos of elevated towers and 4 nos of underground reservoirs.
  1. Sanitation and sewerage ( Beneficiaries 80,000)
  • Construction the sewerage network
  • Construction of sewerage treatment plant at kallundai
  1. Jaffna peninsula water resourse management
  1. Building capacity of the NWSDB to carry out project implementation and Build Regional Office
  • Conatruction of staffs quarters at Meesalai
  • Construction of fencing for treatment plant at Palai

Construction of Asst.General Manager office buildings, OIC offices and quarters