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06. IIDP

Iranamadu Irrigation Development Project (IIDP)

Project Goals / Objective

Poverty reduction and increase in household income above the poverty line


To promote the effective and sustainable management of the irrigation infrastructure and sustainably improve water and productivity

Loan Agreement No.


Executive Agency

Ministry of Public Administration, Provincial Council, Local Government and Domestic Governance

Implementing Agency

Department of Irrigation, Northern Province

Funding Agencies

IFAD -International Fund for Agricultural Development

GOSL -Government of Sri Lanka


Project Cost

US $ - 29.32 Mn. (IFDA – US $ 22.23 Mn.,GOSL – US $ 3.16 Mn, Private sector US $ 1.23 Mn. and Benificiaries US $ 2.7 Mn.)

Project cost in SL Rs 3,812 Mn.


Project Component

Component I : Infrastructure development

A. Irrigation rehabilitation

  1. Rehabilitation of two main channel (30 Km total length)
  2. Rehabilitation of drainage channel
  3. All distribution (135 Km) and field canal (123 Km)
  4. Farm roads

B. Other infrastructure development

Component II: Production and marketing

  1. Social mobilization and training
  2. Production extension and marketing

               Seeds production


               Marketing linkages


Component III:

Project management


Project Area

Kilinochchi District

Project Period

5 years (31st of January 2012 to 30th of March 2017)


Expected Out put

Irrigation development, infrastructure development, social mobilization, production extension and marketing, other agriculture and farm development