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Northern Provincial Council

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Sri Lanka.

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05. TSEP

Transforming School Education as the Foundation of a knowledge Hub Project


Project Goals / Objective

To assist the Government of SriLanka education sector development framework and program 2012-2016.


  1. Increase equitable access to primary and secondary education
  2. Improve the quality of primary and secondary education
  3. Strengthen governance and service delivery of education
  4. Overarching education sector development rolling plan and results-based monitory and evaluation

Executive Agency

Ministry of Public Administration, Provincial Council, Local Government and Domestic Governance

Implementing Agency

Ministry of Education, Northern Province

Provincial Department of Education, Northern Province

Funding Agencies

WB   -World Bank

GOSL-Government of Sri Lanka


Project Cost

US $ - 100.00 Mn. (For Country)

Project cost in SL Rs. 502.00 Mn. (for Northern Province)


Project Area

Northern Province


Project Period

3 years (01st of January 2012 to 31st of December 2016)


Expected out put

To enhance access to and the quality of primary and secondary education to provide a foundation for the knowledge –based economic and social development of the Country.