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Second Health Sector Development Project (SHSDP)

Project Goal / Objective

To upgrade the standards of performance of the public health system and enable it to better respond to the challenges of malnutrition and non communicable diseases.


Achievement of specific target for Project Development Objective Level Results Indicators (5 DLIs) which are linked with disbursement by the end of the year 2017 and achievement of non DLIs ( Disbursement Link Indicators)


Loan Agreement No.

5226 LK


Executing Agency

Ministry of Public Administration, Provincial Council, Local Government and Domestic Governance

Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine


Implementing Agency

Provincial Ministry of Health, Northern Province

Provincial Department of Health Services, Northern Province

Funding Agencies

WB-World Bank

GOSL-Government of Sri Lanka.

Project Cost

US $ -200 Mn. (for Country)

Project Cost in SL Rs 1,247 Mn. (for Nothern Province)


Project Area

Northern Province


Project Period

5 years (27th of March 2013 to 30th of September 2018)


Project component

Component 1

  • Addressing malnutrition
  • Improving prevention and control of Non Communicable Diseases
  • Addressing Maternal and Child Health and Communicable Diseases
  • Health systems improvement


Component 2

  • Technical assistance
  • Core team for implementation monitoring
  • Training, workshops
  • Testing of innovative ideas
  • Operational research
  • Demographic and health surveys
  • Base-line and end-line surveys
  • DLI reporting

Expected Out put

  1. 50% of provincially managed health facilities with ETUs for that level of facility based on standard guidelines (DLI 2) by end of year 2017.


  1. 70% of provincially managed health facilities sending indoor morbidity data through e-IMMR (DLI4) by end of the year 2017.


  1. 95% of MCH clinics with an agreed package of equipment and supplies for provision of care for pregnant women and children under 5 year (DLI 5) by end of the year 2017.


  1. 90% of MOH areas with at least two healthy lifestyle centers (MOH Areas) (DLI 6) by end of the year 2017.


  1. 90% of fully-functioning quality management units (QMUs) in provinicially managed base hospitals and above (DLI8) by end of the year 2017.