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Northern Provincial Council

Chief Secretary's Secretariat
No.63, Nallur Cross Street, Nallur, Jaffna.
Sri Lanka

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02. NRCP

Northern Roads Connectivity project


Project Goal / Objective

To improve 151.4 km roads under 7 contract packages and construction of Department of Road Development, Northern Province office under 1 package.



(1) To restore the mobility of people and goods

(2) To develop and spread the economic activities between North and South

     of the country


Loan Agreement No.

2639/2640(SF) SRI


Executing Agency

Ministry of Public Administration, Provincial Council, Local Government and Domestic Governance


Implementing Agency

Department of Road Development, Northern Province


Funding Agencies

ADB - Asian Development Bank

GOSL –Government of Sri Lanka


Project Cost

US $ - 25.31 Mn.

Project cost in SL Rs   2,859.27 Mn.


Project Area

Vavuniya District

Mannar District


Project Period

5 years (24th of March 2010 to January 2015)                         


Expected Out put

  • Rehabilitation of 89.26 km provincial roads in Vavuniya and rehabilitation of 58.39 km provincial roads in Mannar Districts
  • Rehabilitation of Department of Road Development, Northern Province office in Jaffna