Opening Ceremony of New Hostel at Point Pedro Hartley College – 01st March 2014

“Hartley College is a provincial school in Point Pedro, Sri Lanka. Founded in 1838 by British Methodist missionaries, it is one of Sri Lanka's oldest schools. The school is named after Wesleyan priest and missionary Rev. Hartley.”
‘Ian Karan Hostel’ – the newly built hostel building of Point Pedro Hartley College was declared open on 01st March 2014. Ian K.Karan, The Senator a.D.(Hamburg) who is an old boy and past hosteller and Mrs. Barbaa Karan ceremonially officially opened the building.

Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda, Governor of the Northern Province GA Chandrasiri, Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council CV Wigneswaran and Minister of Education T.Kurukularajah, German Ambassador Dr. Juergen Morhard participated as special guests at this opening ceremony.
Officials from education sector, principal, teachers, old boys and students also took part at this event.

Governor's Speech at the ceremony in full

Hon. Governor’s Speech at the Opening Ceremony of a Hostel at J/ Hartley College, Pointpedro at 1100hrs on 01 March 2014

Rev. Clergies

His Excellency  Ian Kiru Haran, German State Minister for Economic Affairs and Labour, (Senator of City of Hamburg, Germany) and Madam Mrs. Babara Karan 

Hon. Douglas Devananda MP, Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprises Development  

Hon. Justice C. V. Wigneswaran, Chief Minister, Northern Provincial Council 

His Excellency Dr. Morhard Jürgen, German Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives, German Embassy in Colombo & Madam Mrs. Petra Morhard

Hon. T. Kurukularasa, Minister of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports & Youth Affairs, Northern Provincial Council 

Mr. S. Yohendranathen, President, Hartley College’s Past Pupils Association (HC PPA), Colombo Branch 

Mr. N. Nanthakumar, Zonal Director of Education, Vadamaradchchi Education Zone, 

Mr. N. Theivendran, Principal, Hartley College

Teachers and Students, 

Parents, Old Students, Well-wishers, School Societies,  

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen, 


Good morning to all of you! 

As the Governor of the Northern Province, and more so, I am much honoured and privileged to be present here at this Opening Ceremony of the Hostel Buildings.

Hartley College was a Missionary School and one of the Leading and talented School and now functions as one of the best Provincial School, which is serving for higher education to eminent people amongst the Schools in Jaffna peninsula for about 175 years, is an quite long time for an institution that provides Education it should be considered a time to rejoice as there is rich history to delve (look) into. Although this School is located in Point Pedro which is Northernmost point of Sri Lanka, ‘Hartley College’ a famous name in the Island and around the world of Education. 

The culture also derived from the dedicated services by the Principals of this school, namely, Mr. E. A. Abraham, Mr. C. P. Thamotharan, Mr. K. Pooranampillai, Mr. S. Rathnasabapathy, and so on… currently Mr. N. Theivendran is also rendering his services with the highly motivated staff for the benefit of the students for their education and extra-curricular activates for the betterment of their future life. 


I am sure, we can take pride in having produced quite a number of qualified and learnt individuals who eventually became Professors, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Higher level Officer in Administrative and Education Services over the years.  I would like to express my happiness that Old Students from the Hartley College hold many posts in the Northern Provincial Council’s Administration as well. 

Additionally, the college has the distinction of proofing good sportsmen especially in Cricket, Soccer and Athletics who represented College and as the Teams Member of Northern Provincial Teams and National Teams. 

I can again witness an Old Student of this School right now, His Excellency Ian Kiru Haran, German State Minister for Economic Affairs and Labour, (Senator of City of Hamburg). He born in Point Pedro holds many prominent posts in Hamburg, Germany. He is highly active philanthropist in the fields of arts, music, sports and youth projects in the city of Hamburg, Germany. 

Dear Students, Mr. Ian Kiru Haran is a best role-model for you all, as his higher level achievements and his thankfulness to the alma-mater (mother), the school, and the country. He has gifted this Hostel to the school community, initiated activities to bring more collaboration between Sri Lanka and Germany for the Economic Development. 

I like to recall that, the world's first hostel was established in 1912 at Altena Castle in Germany and your Old Student, who is the Senator for City of Hamburg, Germany has brought down to your school today. 

Hartley College also had a hostel, where reputed students from all-over-the-country were boarded and studied, If I name, you may wonder, Hon. K. B. Rathnayake, former Speaker, from Anuradhapura and Mr. T. E. Anantharajah former I.G.P. from Batticaloa and similarly there are many. 

Hartley College had faced difficult time during the period of strife and the hostel was also damaged. 

Thanks to the bold leadership provided by His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa by which peace was brought about to Sri Lanka and now reconstruction, rehabilitation and development is taking place, especially in the Northern Province with an accelerated mode.

His Excellency the President and the Government are presently implementing number of development and livelihood assistance projects in North for the benefit of the people in the North and to uplift the living standard. And it must be stated that the people of the North join hands with His Excellency the President and Government to go forward in this noble deed. 

Today our Province has given more concern is given to Education, Health and Agriculture Sector. Northern Provincial Students perform well in the Education and in the Extra-Curricular Activities at National level and actively taking part in international events.  

With the financial assistance of Mr. Ian Kiru Karan, this Hostel is constructed with the accommodation for 80 students.  This would grant the opportunity to the students from any part of the Country to join for the residential study. 

Dear Students & Parents, at this juncture, I would like to give a strong message to have a discipline society. As you all know this ‘discipline’ the word derived from ‘disciples’. Today with the Technological Development and Advancement, there are good and bad usages. For example: mobile, social networks and others. Parents must always care their children with the good relationship with the Teachers with the sense of social security to have a viable and vibrant society. 

I personally thank the Principal, Hartley College for inviting me for this event and special thanks His Excellency Ian Kiru Karan on behalf of the people of the Northern Province for his financial assistances and for his continuous interest in his school’s development.  

Wish you all the very Best for a Bright Future! 


GA Chandrasiri 


Northern Province