assembly secretariat2

Hon. Chairman

Hon. Kandiya Sivagnanam

Chairman of Northern Province Council Secretariat 

Council Secretariat, Kandy Road,
Kaithady, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94-21-2057084


Secretary to the Assembly

Mr. R. Varatheeswaran

  Council Secretariat

Council Secretariat, Kandy Road,
Kaithady, Sri Lanka


Tel: +94-21-205 7085
Fax: +94-21-205 7086  Mobile: +9477 694 4144



The New Chairman of NPC assumed office – 30 October 2013

The new Chairman of Northern Provincial Council CVK Sivagnanam assumed his office at the NPC Building Complex, Kaithady on 30th October 2013. 

Secretary of Council Secretariat G.Krishnamoorthy welcomed the Chairman at the entrance of the office in the traditional manner. After signing in the document, a staff meeting was conducted.


Secretary of Local Government R.Varatheeswaran was also present at this event.


The Mace

The MACE which is the symbol of the office of democratic authority that represents the administration of Justice and the eternal law of the cosmos. [Read more..]

The Cloak of the Chairman