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Hon. Chairman

Hon. Kandiya Sivagnanam

Chairman of Northern Province Council Secretariat 

Council Secretariat, Kandy Road,
Kaithady, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94-21-2057084


Secretary to the Assembly

Mr. R. Varatheeswaran

  Council Secretariat

Council Secretariat, Kandy Road,
Kaithady, Sri Lanka


Tel: +94-21-205 7085
Fax: +94-21-205 7086  Mobile: +9477 694 4144



Inaugural Session of Northern Provincial Council held at Kaithady – 25 October 2013

The inaugural session of Northern Provincial Council was held at Northern Provincial Council building complex, Kaithady on 25th October 2013.

On September 21st, the Northern Provincial Council election was held and 38 members were elected to the council. After then, the events of takings of and receiving of appointment letters of the Chief Minister, Minister and Members took place in the weeks that followed.

Today the newly constructed building complex for the Northern Provincial Council was declared open. Subsequently the inaugural session of the council was held. As the first event, Governor’s declaration for Northern Provincial Council was read by the Assembly Secretary of Northern Provincial Council G.Krishnamoorthy in all three languages. Then election of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Northern Provincial Council was held. Accordingly, Mr.Kanthiaya Sivagnanam as the Chairman and Mr.Antony Jeganathan as the Deputy Chairman were unanimously elected to the Northern Provincial Council.

Further, under the chairmanship of newly elected Chairman, address of the Chief Minister and Opposite Leader’s address were delivered. The members also delivered their maiden speeches.

The second session of the council is scheduled to be held on November 11th.

The Mace

The MACE which is the symbol of the office of democratic authority that represents the administration of Justice and the eternal law of the cosmos. [Read more..]

The Cloak of the Chairman