Commissioner - Land Adm.


Commissioner of Land Administration
Dept. of Land Administration
Temple Road, Jaffna

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Department of Land Administration

Systematic alienation and development of state land in keeping with the norms of land utilization policy of the government and environmental sustainability with in Northern Province.



A. Protection state lands coming of under the purview of the NPC for future generation & development.

B. Promoting sustainable production enhancement in LDO allotments.

C. Uplifting the socio economic status of the setters in settlement schemes.

D. Ensuring the land tenure transfer within family members

E. Ensuring the holding being not subdivided less in extent than unit of Subdivision permissible.

F. Capacity development for efficient service delivery.
  • Alienation of state lands through land Kachcheries.
  • Co-ordinating issue of Permits & Grants.
  • Co-ordinating cancellation of Permits & Grants issued under Land Development Ordinance.

  • Development of Permits & Grants to legal successors under Land Development Ordinance.
  • Co-ordinating ejectment of unauthorized occupants from state lands.
  • Paying subsidy for construction of Food Production Wells in LDO allotments.
  • Rehabilitation of colony Roads.
  • Issuing planting materials, fruit plants to settlers in order to upgrade living standard.
  • Settling land related issues referred by Divisional Secretaries.
  • Conducting seminars and workshop for staff involved in land work in the province.
  • Recommending and co-ordinating dispositions of state lands under State Land Ordinance.
  • Co-ordinating recovery of lease rent and other recoveries due to state from alienated lands.