DCS - Personnel / Training


Mrs. Annammah
Stanley De Mel

Deputy Chief Secretary - Personnel and Training

# 68, Crossete Lane, Chundukuli
T.P : 021-2216035
Fax:  021-2216117


Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary - Personnel Development & Training



  • Enhancing provincial public service competence by providing capacity building and institutional development.  


Key Functions

  • Coordinate trainings of cross cutting subjects and studies meant for Provincial Institutions.
  • Update knowledge, skills and attitude of officers in the fields of non-professional subjects.
  • Coordinate trainings of the provincial projects, and national and international agencies.
  • Assist to develop management practices and work norms to improve institutional productivity.
  • Contribute to the national initiatives for trilingual public service.
  • Accredit trainers who are willing to serve for the Northern Provincial Public Service.
  • Coordinate HRD Scholarship process of the Provincial Public Service.