Commissioner of IM

Dr.(Mrs.) S.Thurairatnam
Provincial Commissioner of Indigenous Medicine
Provincial Dept. of Indigenous Medicine
No.611, Hospital Road, Jaffna.
T.P : 021 222 0821
Mobile : 0773868580
Fax: 0212220822

Northern Province Autism Policy 2017-2022 (Draft)


Department of Indigenous Medicine




Strengthening the health service delivery of Northern People through Traditional, Siddha, Ayurveda, Unany and other alternative system fairly and equitably by adopting professionalism and participatory approach.



  • Providing Curative Service through Ayurvedic Hospitals.
  • Providing support services for Indigenous Medicine – Herbal Garden, Drug Production, Supply Centers.
  • Providing Preventive and Promotion Health Care through community Medical service at Village and School Level.
  • Enhance knowledge of Traditional physicians Government Ayurvedic Medicals Officers on present trend of IM through training programs.
  • Safeguard Manuals of IM from destruction through reprinting them.
  • Collection and Research the formulas of traditional Medicines which proved effective.
  • Regulate private hospitals and Drug Production and Marketing agencies.