Chief Internal Auditor


Chief Internal Auditor

# 115,Chemmany Road,

T.P : 021-2220796

Fax: 021-2220796


Internal Audit Unit



  • Confirming an efficient and effective Administrative functions through the sufficient regulations created to Provincial Council.

Key Functions

  • In terms to the Financial Administrative Regulations an-d Circulars proper advise to be given for efficient office management in the province.
  • Inspecting the proper performance of functions regarding Financial Management of Provincial Ministries, Departments and other institutions.
  • Ensuring the proper usage of Resources in the Institutions of Northern Provincial Council
  • Confirming the performance of an efficient financial management.
  • Confirming the implementation of Institutional Internal Auditing Standard.
  • Confirming to get rid of Errors, fraud and wastage happening, in order to perform an efficient internal control.
  • Confirming the proper asset management.