Director of Road Deve.


Provincial Director

Department of Road Development

657/1A Beach Road,

Kurunagar, Jaffna.

T.P : 021 222 0958

Mobile: 0773868556

Fax: 021-2220789




Department of Road Development


Quality Provincial road network connecting with National Highways to meet expectation of all stake holders



Providing reliable road facilities in an effective and economical manner for easy mobility of people and goods to improve the socio- economic development of the Northern Province.



 Providing facility to the people to travel and transport of goods easily around the Northern Province in order to support state wide and regional economic development.

 Facilitating equitable access to the community services, activities and economic opportunities for all users.

 Reducing the incidence of road crashes, their severity and cost to the community.

 Enhancing the road environment and minimize any adverse environmental impacts.

 Having an Effective and Efficient institutional management system to accomplish the mission of the institution.

 Connecting the Provincial roads with National Highways, Economic Centres, Commercial Centres and Service Centres.


Major functions

 Implementation of development programmes of Northern Provincial Road Sector.

 Maintenance, Improvement, Repairs, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Development of C, D & E Class roads in the Province.

 Preparation of Annual Implementation Programme for the Province, in consultation with the District level interests.

 Investigation, Planning, Design, Estimation and Implementation of Major Roads and Bridges on the request of other Agencies.

 Developing Provincial Road Network to link with National Highways.

 Management and maintenance of Machinery Unit under Advanced Account Activity.