Director - Social Service



Director of Social Service
Dept. of Social Service
Elders Home Complex,
Kandy Road, Kaithady

TP: 0217539745


Department of Social Services

Provide assistance to satisfy the immediate and long term needs of the disadvantaged and the needy members of the community in a supportive manner with a view  to make them  partners in national development.


  • Payment of public assistance monthly allowance (PAMA).
  • Supporting families living under the poverty line with self-employment grant.
  • Providing support equipments & Vocational training to the disabled.
  • Assisting the homes for the disabled. & Elder’s Day care centers 
  • Assisting people suffering from contagious diseases such as T.B, Leprosy, Cancer Thalasemia and Kidney Assistances. 
  • Maintenance of the State Elders’ Home .
  • Provision of maintenance grant to Elder’s Homes maintenance by NGOs and VSOs.
  • Compensating families living under poverty line whose property and belongings are damaged by disasters.
  • Compensated for crop damaged by wild elephants.