Director of Education

pde Edu

Mr.Sellathurai Uthayakumar

Director of Education
Dept. of Education
Maruthanamadam, Chunnagam.
Telephone: 021-3215545

Fax No. : 021-2241383

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Department of Education

Provide facilities and guidance to implement Educational policies efficiently and effectively to all institutions in the school Education system in the Northern Province to develop students with balanced personality.


  • Access to Education
  • Quality of Education
  • Equity in Education
  • Good Governance


  • Supporting implementation of the Government policy to provide free education.
  • Demand side incentives for school attendance and strengthening.
  • Implementation of NFE programme for non school going children.
  • Ensure a viable school network to relax constrains on geographical equitable access to good quality basic and secondary Education.
  • Special Education.
  • Curriculum upgrading ,re-structuring ,facilitate implementation and maintain standards.
  • Teacher development Programme.
  • Modernizing Examination and Testing.
  • Improve quality of Text books.
  • Preparation & Implementation of an overarching education sector development plan.
  • Establishing a medium term budgetary framework (MTBF) for Education.
  • Establishing a public expenditure and quality of Education tracking system.
  • Data management and research.
  • Programme for School improvements.
  • Organizational analysis and capacity building.
  • Implement a medium-term human resource development strategy.