DCS - Engineering Services


Deputy Chief Secretary - Engineering Services

# 82, Chetty Street, Nallur, Jaffna.

T.P : 021-2220697

Fax: 021-2220697


Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary - Engineering Service



  • Providing technical and managerial assistance for the development of social and economic infrastructure facilities in Northern Province.

Key Functions

  • Providing Guidance on Constructing, Reconstructing, Rehabilitating, Improving, Maintaining, Provincial Roads, Road structures and Government Buildings.
  • Facilitating to introduce appropriate technology.
  • Co-ordinating Renewable Energy projects.
  • Co-ordinating and monitoring and facilitating procurement activities of NPC.
  • Providing Technical inputs for Technical Departments.
  • Promoting Quality Assurance in Construction Projects.
  • Maintaining Information of Infrastructure facilities in the provincial council.