Commissioner - Local Gov

Mr.M.Patrick Diranjan
Commissioner of Local Government

Dept. of Local Government
Elders Home Complex, Kandy Road, Kaithady.
TP: 021-2215728
Mobile No: 0718098059
Fax: 021-2215738



Department of Local Government



To support and strengthen the process of democratic decentralization in the Northern Province by developing the capacity of Local Govt., to invest in widely distributed and simple forms of public service accessible to the vast majority of citizens.


  • Co-ordinating Local Govt., function with the Central Ministry and the Provincial Council in relation with the Local Govt. policy, powers, and creations.
  • Monitoring and supervising and guiding of Local Authorities in administrative, legislative and other allied functions.  
  • Exercising control measures in regard to mal administration.  
  • Provide legal advice on policy matters to Local Authorities.
  • Obtaining and granting Ministers approval and Chief Secretary’s approval for financial activities and commercial projects of Local Authorities.  
  • Liaisons and co-ordination with other service departments and Authorities to obtain services rendered under various ancillary ordinance and acts to Local  Authorities.
  • Assist to establish internal audit units in Urban Local Authorities and monitor their functions.
  • Assist Local Authorities in their functions towards preparation and rendition of accounts.
  • Assistance and guidance to Local Authorities in the preparation of four year plan  as well as development & rehabilitation plans.
  • Assist to develop management information system.  
  • Providing training facilities to all employees & councilors & Local heads of the CBO on relevant matters.  
  • Provide advice on technical matters in the execution of development works.  
  • Assistance and guidance to Local Authorities in execution of Water Supply & Sanitation Projects.  
  • Guiding and assisting the Local Authorities in the establishment matters.   
  • Providing financial assistance to Local Authorities through R/A.C.LG by way of various grants, reimbursements and ensure proper utilization and to obtain proper accounting returns.     
  • To Identify the needs, plan and implement the Water Supply and Environmental projects and to maintain the constructed projects with the co-ordination of Local  Authorities and community based organization.