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Commissioner of Local Gov

Commissioner of Local Government

Dept. of Local Government
Elders Home Complex, Kandy Road, Kaithady.
TP: 021-7390340
Moblie: 0777466350
Fax: 021-7390340


Department of Local Government



To support and strengthen the process of democratic decentralization in the Northern   & Eastern Provinces by developing the capacity of Local Govt., to invest in widely distributed and simple forms of public service accessible to the vast majority of citizens.


  • Co-coordinating Local Govt., function with the Central Ministry and the Provincial Council in relation with the Local Govt. policy, powers, and creations.

  • Monitoring and supervising and guiding of Local Authorities in administrative, legislative and other allied functions.  

  • Exercising control measures in regard to mal administration.  

  • Provide legal advice on policy matters to Local Authorities.

  • Obtaining and granting Ministers approval and Chief Secretary’s approval for financial activities and commercial projects of Local Authorities.  

  • Liaisons and co-ordination with other service departments and Authorities to obtain services rendered under various ancillary ordinance and acts to Local  Authorities.

  • Assist to establish internal audit units in Urban Local Authorities and monitor their functions.

  • Assist Local Authorities in their functions towards preparation and rendition of accounts.

  • Assistance and guidance to Local Authorities in the preparation of four year plan  as well as development & rehabilitation plans.

  • Assist to develop management information system.  

  • Providing training facilities to all employees & councilors & Local heads of the CBO on relevant matters.  

  • Provide advice on technical matters in the execution of development works.  

  • Assistance and guidance to Local Authorities in execution of Water Supply & Sanitation Projects.  

  • Guiding and assisting the Local Authorities in the establishment matters.   

  • Providing financial assistance to Local Authorities through R/A.C.LG by way of various grants, reimbursements and ensure proper utilization and to obtain proper accounting returns.     

  • To Identify the needs, plan and implement the Water Supply and Environmental projects and to maintain the constructed projects with the co-ordination of Local  Authorities and community based organization.