DCS - Finance

Mr. R. Pathmanathan

Deputy Chief Secretary - Finance

Kandy Road,
Sri Lanka.

T.P : 021-2220850

Fax: 021-2220853



Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary - Finance



  • Optimum allocation of financial resources and enhance provincial revenue while adhering the applicable legislation, good governance principals to satisfy the expectations of the stakeholders. 

Key Functions

  • Identify and enhance the new revenue generation.
  • Optimize the revenue collection
  • Implement the Provincial Management Information System (Pro MIS)
  • Strengthen the Provincial Procurement and Contract Management
  • Enhance the capacity oft he provincial staff in Financial and Fiscal Management
  • Strengthen the Provincial Fiscal Analysis Cell
  • Develop the performance based monitoring system
  • Publish/ Produce standard Financial Reports
  • Ensure the value for money
  • Obtain the unqualified audit opinion by the year 2020