Commissioner of Co-op.

Mrs.V. Mathumathy
Commissioner of Co-operative Development 

Dept. of Co-operative Development
Elders Home Complex, Kandy Road, Kaithady.
TP: 021-2057063
Moblie: 0773868583
Fax: 021-753866


Department of Co-operative Development

Facilitate and promote Co-operative values by sharing socio economic resources among the people to promote Co-operative services and contribute to the Human Development based Economy.


  • Organization and Registration of Co-operative Societies.
  • Supervision of Co-operative societies and providing necessary advises and guidance to the societies in the provision of services essential for community life.
  • Auditing of co-operative societies.
  • Performance of statutory functions such as the settlement of disputes, the holding of inquiries, conducting investigations, inspections of co-operative societies and liquidations of cancelled societies.
  • Training and development of co-operative development officers, co-operative employees and cooperators via exhibition, training classes, short term courses and publicity meetings and efficiency bar examinations.
  • Work in close co-ordination with ministries and agencies engaged in development work and act as liaison between co-operative societies and such ministries / agencies.