DCS - Planning


Mr.R. Umakanthan

Deputy Chief Secretary - Planning

Office of DCS Planning
No:45, Racca Lane,
Chundikuli, Jaffna.

T.P : 0212230451
Mobile : 0773868573
Fax: 0212230354

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary - Planning



  • To establish and sustain a dynamic Provincial Planning Process in the Provincial Council.

Key Functions

  • To develop Planning capabilities at all level of administration.
  • Assist to Provincial Planning matters pertaining to Northern Provincial Planning.
  • Performing secretarial functions of Provincial Planning Committee and Secretary’s Committee.
  • Coordination and compilation of medium term rolling plan and annual Implementation Programme.
  • Assist to Chief Secretary on setting overall guidelines and strategies and, coordination of Sectoral Plans and Other Operational Plans.
  • Coordinate to Install and maintain a Planning Information System within the Provincial Institutions.
  • To assist to promote participatory development approaches in to the existing system.
  • To assist to promote integrated approaches to address cross sectoral development subjects.
  • To assist all GIS related practices including spatial data among the institutions in the Northern Province.
  • Assist to co-ordinate of Donor Funded Projects, implemented by NPC.
  • Assist to progress reviewing all capital investment programmes implemented by the Provincial funds.
  • Monitoring Progress of public and private sector investment Programmes within the Province.
  • Assist to maintaining Web site for Northern Provincial Council.