Commissioner - Motor Traffic
# 653, Navalar Road, Jaffna.
T.P : 0212220831
Mobile : 0773868571

Fax: 0212220831



Department of Motor Traffic



  • Providing of save and secured road transport for both passengers and goods and ensure right usage of vehicles

Key Functions

  • Issuing instructions with Motor Traffic Acts and other connected regulations.
  • Giving public notification with regard to the legal requirements.
  • Get revenue license leafs printed for Motor vehicle s and distribute among the district and divisions.
  • Registration of reputed garages to issue fitness certificates to buses and Lorries.
  • Ensure fitness of vehicles and Road worthiness. 
  • Accept Notice of non use of vehicles.
  • Generate revenue by issuing revenue licensee to vehicles.
  • Making arrangement to conduct efficiency bar examination for drivers.