Hon. Dr. Pathmanathan Sathiyalingam
Minister of Health, Indigenous Medicine and  Probation and Childcare Services.

Health Minister's Office,
2nd Floor, Health Village, Pannai, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

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Secretary Health


Secretary of Health, Indigenous Medicine and  Probation and Childcare Services.

Health Ministry Office,
1st Floor, Health Village, Pannai, Jaffna.  


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Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine



Ensures  Healthy  Society  with Physically  and Mentally  fitness , Applying  National and International  medical methods  to  ensures   and protect Women’s  Rights  and  Children  through  Rehabilitation  Activities  as well as   our  Province  Contribute  towards the National  Developments in the Country.


  • Establishment of proper Financial, Planning and Managerial Methods and Creating new Policies and Develop them.
  • Extension of Policies, Implementing and Monitoring inter Departments belong to the Ministry.
  • Uplifting of Physical Infrastructures and Social Services in Undeveloped Arias.
  • Integrated of ProvincialSubject Activities with National level.
  • Creating Policies, Guide lines and Standards to Establish HealthMaintenance system in Regional basis.
  • Ensures all the Sectional employee’s activities with National Proficiency Standards.
  • Ensures whether thereare Disaster Management plans availablein every Districts, whenever it is necessary to implementing.
  • Ensures to get high quality performance for everybody in the Sector, Applying good Appraisal and permanent systems while providing good Health and Social Services.
  • Provide Priority Services for non-AffectionChildren,Widows and Elderly people.
  • Assist to uplifting Women’s Rights and Equality in the Society.
  • Provincial Policies divide and implementing them, based with National Policies.



  • Providing guide lines on formal Financial, Administration and Planning to ensures Performance of fulfilling the General Public’s Requirements with Integrated Provincial Director of Health Services, Commissioner of Indigenous Medicine, Director of Social Services, Commissioner of the Probation and Child Care.
  • Establishing a Control system on financial management.
  • Preparing Five years Strategic Plans for all Departments in the Ministry.
  • Integrated with Central Government Health Ministry to Obtain Allocation and Cadre Amendments.
  • Integrated with Central Government Health Ministry to Provide Scholarship for the Officers who are working in the Sector.
  • Obtaining  Funds for the Development Activities from the Funds providing Representation  Institutes.
  • Obtaining  Funds from the Donors and Organizing and Implementing Development Projects which will be Implemented,  where the people who were affected due to Ethnic Conflicts.
  • Implementing relevant activities  to achieve the Goals of the Health Centers, Children Homes and Elder’s Homes through  Providing assistance and Guide lines .
  • Researching the data which Shall be helpful  for the Development work.
  • Observation and Integrated  Progress of the Western and Traditional Health Activities.
  • To Obtained Departmental  Services Successfully Using with Information Communication Technology.
  • Rehabilitation of  the persons who were affected by Mentally, Physically and Disasters.