Ministry of Agriculture


Development of the agriculture sector of the Northern Province in a sustainable manner preserving environment, enhancing the nutrition of the people, maintain the good governance of society and achieving a strong economy in Northern Province.


1. Implementation of policies endorsed in the province pertaining to the ministry.
2. Assisting in implementation of national policies in the province pertaining to the ministry.
3. Designing, implementation and monitoring of development projects in the province related to the ministry.



1. Acting as the operational establishment related to the development strategies implemented in the province under the ministry.
2. Review provincial agricultural development strategy.
3. Preparation of ministerial budget.
4. Development of agro products.
5. Organization of farmers under agro societies.
6. Implementation of training programmes.
7. Introducing new farming technologies in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.
8. Sustainable irrigation management system.
9. Maintenance of existing Irrigation tanks and distribution channels.
10. Keep up coordination with line Ministries in respect of departmental projects.
11. Preparation of project proposals and Implementation of approved projects.
12. Facilitating personal management of Ministry and Departments under its purview.
13. Preparation of Statute.
14. Preparation of Scheme of Recruitment (SOR).
15. Supervision of Co-operative societies and providing necessary advises and guidance to the societies in the provision of services essential for community life.
16. Determine all matters relating to methods of recruitment and conditions of employment of employees of Co-operative societies.